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Adam Stewart pleased with support at Jill Stewart Mobay City Run

Adam Stewart and sprint hurdler Megan Tapper at the Jill Stewart Mobay City Run on Sunday.

ST JAMES, Jamaica— Adam Stewart, business mogul and husband of Jill Stewart, the patron of the Jill Stewart Mobay City Run, said he was pleased with the support of the event on Sunday morning.

Stewart, along with family members and staff, was part of the group who took to the streets of Montego Bay in support of the charity event.

“This is what she loved—health and wellness, and taking care of yourself—and people coming together. She would love this. I feel amazingly proud,” he told Observer Online.

“It’s amazing to see the turnout, people from way beyond Montego Bay, coming to represent for the beautiful city of Montego Bay,” he added.

The event, which is done to raise funds for educational support for students from the western city, is something that Stewart also greatly appreciates.

“My wife was an educator, she was a teacher, and so the greatest thing you can do is to give back and to get that reward and to support education in Jamaica is everything to us. So, we are super grateful for the amazing turnout,” he said.