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Conroy Thompson

I am a strong believer in education and persevering through whatever challenges that one may face. The will to become a better human being each day is my aim. Seeking God’s divine purpose for my life has been my guide. I have learnt that with hard work and excellence as my standard I can reach heights even far above what I could even imagine. Professional experience, scholastic ability and sense of purpose are what I am using to fuel this thrust into volunteerism. Joining the team at Mobay City Run further cemented the need for me to give back to this country I love so much. The fact that we have a role to play in creating avenues for students to pursue higher education warms my heart. I too know very well what it is like to not have the means to pursue an education, so with every fiber of my being I serve this committee, so that even one person can have it a little easier to make their family and by extension this country proud.