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Emerson Whittley

Emerson Whittley was born in Kingston and at the age of three (3) years, he moved to Montego Bay. Stemming from his father’s years of service as a Minister of Religion, one could safely say that volunteerism is in Emerson’s blood. His early years of formal education started at the Faith Temple Basic School, Montego Bay Infant School and later he completed his primary education at Corinaldi Avenue Primary School. During his teenage years, Emerson served faithfully within the Open Bible Standard Churches of Jamaica, not only at his home church but also at the national level where he worked at summer camps.

His keen interest in electronics propelled him to commence working as a sound engineer at Mount Salem Open Bible Church at the young age of ten years. It was during his tenure at Hebert Morrison Technical High School that Emerson further developed his skill in sound engineering. His level of maturity, wisdom and ambitious drive was very evident during his teenage years, causing him to outshine his peers. Such characteristics channelled him into mentoring the junior boys at his church.

Emerson made a decision to become a teacher at his secondary school though he had not yet completed his studies there. This dream was realised several years later, when in 2006 he assumed the role of Construction Technology teacher at Herbert Morrison Technical High. After spending one (1) year working at his Alma Mater, Emerson accepted the career of Assistant Lecturer within the technical studies faculty of Montego Bay Community College. Nine (9) later, he holds the job title of Associate Dean for the Faculty of Computer and Technical Studies at this tertiary institution.

Emerson’s academic qualifications include a Bachelors of Education Degree with a major in Construction Technology. His knowledge paired with his entrepreneurial mind set have driven him to practice his craft in the construction industry as a building and construction management professional. Despite his demanding work life, Emerson proudly serves as the Scholarship and Logistics Coordinator on the committee for Mobay City Run, a charity organization which positively impacts the lives of a great number of students since 2014.

Zenaide, his life partner, wife and mother of his three (3) year old son, has been instrumental in allowing him to serve in these varied capacities. As their love continues to grow each day, it allows persons to see love and service at work. Emerson is repositioning himself to take on the next stage of his life as he continues to impact other persons’ lives.